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Touch switches

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Touch switches

Looking for a modern solution that will perfectly fit into your new renovation? Then touch switches are exactly what you need! These products combine functionality and elegant design, which is perfect for any interior. Forget about the inconvenience of searching for a switch in the dark or pressing a button hard to turn on the light. Now all you need is just a gentle touch.

An important feature is the ability to use touch light switches with any type of lamp, including energy-efficient LED lamps and strips. In addition, the devices are easy to install and will suit anyone who values simple, concise design and convenience.


Top 5 benefits of touch switches

Still unsure whether to buy a touch switch and replace your traditional switch? Here are several significant advantages of modern models that will help you make the right decision:

  1. Stylish minimalist design that fits perfectly into modern interiors. There are no unnecessary decorative elements or protruding parts, making the shape of the product practical and concise.
  2. Hygiene. The smooth surface of the switch does not contain gaps where dirt can accumulate, making it easy to clean.
  3. Safety. The built-in touch switch has no protruding parts or sharp edges that can injure children. The well-designed internal structure prevents electric current from leaking outside. The practical tempered glass is resistant to scratches and chips.
  4. Eco-friendliness. The surface of Livolo touch switches is coated with glass that does not release any substances into the air, and the body is made of environmentally friendly ABS plastic.
  5. A wide variety of options. You can choose the right solution based on design and functionality.

Finally, it is worth noting that modern touch light switches are not a new solution. They have been produced for many years, proving their reliability and functionality. In terms of quality and service life, these products are significantly superior to mechanical switches, and their assortment is quite extensive.


Livolo: buy the best

Looking for a reliable touch switch? Then you have come to the right place by visiting the Livolo online store. As a direct supplier, we can offer our customers a wide range of modern models at the best prices. Our catalog includes options with one or several sensors, sockets, as well as pass-through models. Products with dimmers allow you to conveniently control the level of lighting in the room according to your preferences, which contributes to energy savings. In addition, you can choose the appropriate color of the body that matches the color scheme of your interior.

You can purchase Livolo touch switches in one of our stores or on our website. Detailed descriptions and photos of each product will help you make the right choice. And if you need assistance, our consultants are always available to provide you with detailed information about the features of the model you are interested in. Make your life more comfortable and your home more stylish by choosing Livolo touch switches.